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2017-2018 EXECUTIVE

Back row from left to right: Patricia Kilby (Nevada Chair), Richard Fitzsimmons (Ways & Means Chair), Tena Miller (Finance Chair), Jo-anne Caldwell (Youth Education Chair, Public Relations Officer), Brian Lockhart (Membership Chair), Reverend Bruce Ferguson (Sgt-at-Arms, Sick & Visiting and Chaplain)

Front row from left to right: Bill McLeod (1st Vice President, Veterans Service Officer and Constitution & By-Laws Chair), Greg Walbeck (President and Sports Chair), Cheryl Babcock (2nd Vice President and Honours & Awards Chair) Sheila Riopelle (3rd Vice President, Track & Field Chair, Training & Organizational Development Chair), Ron Kilby (Past President, Property & Bar Chair and Poppy Chair)

2 0 1 7 / 2 0 1 8   E X E C U T I V E

Greg Walbeck

Bill McLeod
1st Vice President

Cheryl Babcock
2nd Vice President

Sheila Riopelle
3rd Vice President

Ron Kilby
Past President
A d d e d    E x e c u t i v e

Patricia Kilby

Ella Box

Richard Fitzsimmons

Joanna Caldwell

A u d i t o r i u m    B a r t e n d e r s

Fran Godin
Bar Manager

Godin Vezina

  L o u n g e    B a r t e n d e r s

Tim Megrath
Bar Manager



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