Greeting Comrades. First of all, a heart-filled thank you to all who volunteered to assist in this year’s Poppy Campaign and to all who made donations to it. Renfrew is a wonderful and generous town. It seems to have been a resounding success both financially are in the participation. Our total tagging deposit for this year is $8,699.15. In 2018, our total tagging deposits for the same period was $8,497.56, for an increase of $201.59. Our total poppy store boxes deposit to date is $8,019.28, which our 2018 deposit for the same period was $6,299.67, resulting in a profit of $1,719.61. Thus, the total profit to date for this year is $1,921.20. Also thisyear, we had only 6 spots not covered during the two-day tagging period. We have not, as yet, totaled the wreath sales.
I do want to personally thank Comrade Jessica Thompson for helping me keep my head about water during the campaign, Comrade Rob Marsh for helping me get all the wreaths organized and out, and especially to Comrade Tena Miller for putting up with me over the last few weeks, and for saying “yes” every time I needed someone in a hurry. GREAT JOB EVERYONE.
People have asked me, “where do the poppy funds go?”, and “what are they used for?”. All donations made through our campaign to into a Poppy Trust Fund, and all dollars raised locally are used locally. All funds are solely used to support our veterans and their families. I’ll just give you three examples. If a veteran was in need and needed a new battery for his/her mobility scooter, he/she would get a new battery. If the veteran needed a hearing aid, he/she could get a hearing aid. If he/she needed heating oil, they’d get that. And that’s what this money is entitled to. There are very strict guidelines on how the funds are to be used.
Thank you again for your support. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.
Bruce Ferguson, Poppy Chair