We are getting ready for the holiday season, and this time
of year where presents must be wrapped, lots of goodies to be baked, and waiting for our loved
ones to come and enjoy the holiday season with us, some may travel to visit their families, and
give blessings of peace, love and joy.
We have been busy at this time of the year, getting our 2020 calendar set up for the new year.
Lots of activities are scheduled, for the new year and we hope you come and join us.
Membership is $5.00 per year, and dues are due January 1. Please let us keep our membership
up. We have lunches scheduled for the year, bingo fun days which include darts, cards,
dinner/dances for $15.00 with live entertainment. Our Seniors play darts every Monday at
1:00pm. We have euchre the first Sunday of the month, a lovely lunch is served, prizes, and
great fellowship is enjoyed by all. Check your Renfrew paper and listen to the radio station for the
various activities and times.
December Schedule: December 1 – Cards, 5 – lunch and bingo, 9 – Executive meeting 14 –
dinner & dance with Greenwood Country. Cost is $15.00.
January Schedule: January 5 – cards, 9 – luncheon, 13 – executive meeting, 23 – luncheon, 26
– fun day with ham & beans supper.
On February 8, we have our Valentines Dinner & Dance with Nelson Towns.
We wish all our sick and shut-in members all the best, and to those we have lost this past year,
our thoughts & memories.
We have made donations to The Royal Canadian Legion, The Sunshine Coach and the Food
Bank this past year. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a blessed and Happy New Year to all,
from your President & Executive. Irene Rosebrugh, President, Renfrew Silver Seniors