Hello Comrades – It is great to see everyone stopping in at the Branch, either in the Lounge, or to attend one of our fundraisers. We have had a successful barbecue on August 22, and we are planning one more near the end of Legion Week, on Friday, September 25.  We have re-opened the Lounge and have been fortunate with the weather to welcome back live entertainment on the deck. Thank you to Fran Godin, our Entertainment Chair, for arranging for the entertainment.  Many thanks to our Ladies’ Auxiliary for their assistance in the kitchen and volunteering at our meals, and to Damon and Trevor, for being our “barbecue chefs”. A huge thank you to our Lounge Bar Stewards, Tim, Brian, and Kim, who have been volunteering their time in the Lounge so that the Branch can get some much-needed funds in the bank account before the weather changes.  And a most sincere and humble thank you to everyone who has been attending our fundraisers and giving financial donations to help us keep our doors open.  I hope everyone is well, and please keep safe.

Greg Walbeck, President