Hello Comrades:  As of March 17, 2020, the Branch closed in compliance with the Provincial Government’s State of Emergency. This means that we are not able to raise the necessary income in order to pay our regular bills. Please consider making a financial donation to the Branch, so that we may get through this, either by cheque, or by e-transfer (sent to the office’s email address at rclrenfrew@cogeco.net).  If you have any questions, please call the office and leave a message, or send an email, as both the phone messages and email are being checked regularly.
Branch 148 wishes to thank the many volunteers for assisting the Branch during this pandemic:  to Cheryl, Larry, Tammy & Wayne for hosting a successful fundraiser for the Branch, and thank you to everyone who contributed; to Laura and Casey, for making sure our mail is being taken care of; to Fran, Susan, Richard and Robert for giving our hall a well-needed cleaning and painting; and to everyone who has made a donation to help us get through these troubled times. We are looking forward to being able to re-open to you once we have received confirmation to do so. 

Greg Walbeck