Hello Comrades – Once again, our Branch is closed in compliance with the Provincial Lockdown of December 26, 2020, and will reopen once the lockdown is lifted. I would like to thank our Ladies’ Auxiliary for their kind donation to the Branch. I also would like to thank everyone who helped on our Saturday meals, and if you would like to assist with the meals once the Branch reopens, please call and leave a message with the office, or speak to Fran Godin. Please continue to follow the provincial health guidelines. We have to work together to get through this, and we will achieve our goals by working together. If you have not yet paid your 2021 membership fees, you may do so by e-transfer to the office email listed above, online at www.legion.ca, or you may drop off your payment (in a sealed envelope with your name and address) into the locked mailbox to the left of the main entry doors. Please note that the Foot Care Clinic is still meeting in the Branch, as it is deemed a provincial “essential service”. The Foot Care Clinic will be open January 25 and 26, and February 2 and 16. These dates are subject to change.         

Greg Walbeck, President