Hello Comrades – Once again, we are back under a provincial lockdown, and the Branch is once again closed. I hope this newsletter finds you well and staying safe during this on-going pandemic. The Branch is holding its own, and until this current lockdown, we had received good reports from the Renfrew County & District Health Unit for all of our hard work in keeping our Branch safe for everyone. Thank you to Fran Godin, Sheila Riopelle, Laura Warren, and Diane Seeley for the donations of food and time for the Saturday meals during entertainment and thank you to everyone who donated to our successful bake sale fundraiser.  I would also like to thank our bar stewards – Tim Megrath, Brian Brown & Kim Visinski – for volunteering to keep our Lounge open so that we can have some income coming into the Branch. A huge thank you to our Secretary/Treasurer, Jessica Thompson, who has been keeping the Branch running smoothly while volunteering since last July.  Once again, there are no Executive elections to be held this year, and we are unable to hold any General Meetings until this pandemic is over. Our current Executive have agreed to stay in their positions for another year, and the Branch will continue to be operated under the Executive.  I would like to thank our Executive for all of their dedication and hard work. I hope everyone continues to work together until this is finally over, and we hope to see you back at the Branch soon. We are hoping to have more barbecues this summer, and we will let you know when these will be held.   I hope everyone has a good Easter, and we can all look forward to spring and nicer weather. Stay safe, and hopefully soon things will get back to normal.          

Greg Walbeck, President